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CRYSTALYX *ALLBREW* Breed-Up 28 Various Sizes

Product Features

Metal tubs 250lb

and Bio Tubs Available 200lb

CRYSTALYX Breed-Up 28 is a self-fed protein supplement fortified with high levels of vitamins and minerals and chelated/organic trace minerals. It has been specially formulated to overcome nutritional stress associated with calving and the breeding period.

Breed-Up 28 is specifically formulated with organic/chelated trace minerals and other micro ingredients to help beef cows
re-breed in a timely manner, especially high demand breeding programs such as estrus synchronization, embryo transfer or purebred cattle operations.

Contains All-Brew to support overall performance. All-Brew is designed to feed the gastrointestinal tract, thereby maximizing performance and profitability.

Benefits of All-Brew:

  • Promotes performance at all stages
  • Supports colostrum quality and newborn calf performance
  • Contributes to gastrointestinal integrity and stability to aid in nutrient utilization
  • Supports average daily gain
  • Reinforces the health status of receiving cattle in the feedlot
  • Supports economic returns


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