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Moose Voyage Mens Kevlar Hiking Pants Blue


By choosing to reinforce the hips and knees of garments with Kevlar®, Moose Voyage wants to give you maximum comfort, mechanical stretch, and protection so you can enjoy your activity with complete peace of mind.


  • Flexibility: Use of N6 Nylon combined with full stretch Armortex® Kevlar® fiber by DuPont™, provides full range of movement with absolutely no discomfort, or fabric damage.
  • Breathability: The specialized air-vent weaving technology used in the production of every Moose Voyage piece allows you extraordinary breathability on any excursion.
  • Ergonomic Cut: The fit of the Men’s Moose Voyage Achiever N6 Kevlar® Softshell Hiking Pants is specifically chosen to allow for maximum movement and minimum discomfort, in any climate or setting.
  • Cargo Pockets: We have worked to develop hiking pants with large pockets for every storage need that may arise. Zip-up pockets provide you with zero stress, and easy access whenever you need to retrieve your belongings.
  • Ventilation ZipWhen the going gets tough we’re by your side. To ensure comprehensive comfort the outside thigh zip allows for temperature control and immediate heat relief.
  • Built-in Metal BuckleAdjust the waist width of your softshell hiking pants easily when you’re on the go, to perfect the comfort and fit.
  • Cuff Drawcord: Customize the fit and length of your Men’s Moose Voyage Achiever N6 Kevlar® Softshell Hiking Pants easily by using the handy drawcord, to make sure your pants are optimized for whatever activity you’ve chosen.
  • Water Repellent CoveringOur hiking pants are made to be worn in even the toughest weather conditions, so we coat the top layer of fabric with water repellent material, to protect your pants from unwanted weight, saturation, and general discomfort.