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Mystery Ranch Pop Up Waistbelt – Coyote

The newest generation POP UP 30 offers a daypack that stays low-profile and functional during your huntat least until you need to do some serious load lifting. Thats when this packs OVERLOAD feature allows you to instantly transform it into a bona fide meat hauler. Its telescoping frame offers a hefty 80-lb. capacity that houses the bulk of the weight close to your back for exceptional comfort during long hauls back to your rig. When you need to get moving after a kill, the POP UP 30s face compression securely stows your weapon, freeing your hands for trekking poles or navigating difficult terrain. Ample pockets and storage compartments stow tools and rations close at hand, and theres still room for a hydration reservoir to keep you in top physical condition during long days in the field.


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