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Pearson Prime Manual Chute

Our Prime Manual Chute is designed with convenient access and time-saving features. This upgraded chute is compatible with any headgate and tailgate.

  • Overall quieter operation.
  • Parallel squeeze from 9” out to 30”.
  • Available with any Pearson headgate or tailgate.
  • Brisket bar standard to keep animal from going down in the chute.
  • Full side exit on both sides of animal for emergency or side release.
  • 50/50 branding gates with convenient slam latches for top half of the animal.
  • Rump ratchet bars with high strength fiberglass bar coated to prevent splinters.
  • Newly redesigned neck access door for wider and quieter access to the QBA triangle.
  • Access to the bottom half of the animal with convenient 60/40 bottom access doors with slam latches.
  • Prime Manual Chute is commonly paired with the Pearson wheel kit for portability, scale systems, and palpation cage.


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