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Pearson Self-Catch Headgate

Patented in 1965 by our namesake, Bud Pearson, our Self-Catch Headgate is the industry standard and our most popular headgate.

  • Convertible to right or left-hand controls.
  • Simple, reliable, low-maintenance and long-lasting.
  • Self-catch mechanism allows one person to do most jobs.
  • Spring loaded on one side to minimize impact stress on animals.
  • Ideally designed to capture polled animals up to 2-year old bulls.
  • Ideal for the commercial cow-calf producer or feeder calf operation
  • Unobstructed opening allows any size animal to move easily in and out of the headgate.
  • A trustworthy catching device when you’re working away from the chute pushing cattle up into the alley, saving you costly labor.


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