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West Ridge Classic with 3/4 Zip Collar

The West Ridge Classic Jersey with Zip Collar is our ‘BEST SELLER’ since the launch. It’s also the most versatile because this style looks as great with jeans as it does with Canterbury shorts.

The generous chest zip allows for excellent ventilation and/or protection from elements, should you need to zip it right up!

The absence of a band at the base of the jersey means it won’t crawl up your back while you are moving and bending.

The dual layered knit offers a durable 100% Wool Outer, with a Soft 100% Merino Wool liner, ensuring it is a soft next to skin experience for the wearer.*


100% NZ Wool Outer

100% NZ Merino Wool Liner

100% Made in NZ

Colours: Navy and Charcoal

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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